Monday, May 07, 2001

I haven't posted in a while.

I'm slightly drunk.
In fact I'm quite drunk. I've been drinking bourbon and coke's all night. I'm listening to Lenny Kravitz. You have to know that I made out with Jordan's roommate Randy tonight. It wasn't something I meant to do, really. But I saidf I'd rate him on how good he kissed and I guess we got a little into it.

What have I become

I'm making all sorts of typo's and I'm going back and correcting each one. I'm pedantic that way.

I think Jordan, who's a little UPTIGHT about me and his roomie, suspects somthing.
It's hard to put down coherent thoughts when I'm pissed off my nut. My fingers keep hitting the worng keys.

Ok. Start from the beginning Julie old girl.
Well my faithful friend Jordan has this thing about looking after me. He thinks that I'll do something stupid while I'm drunk. Maybe I will but it ain't none of his beezwax is it.
So as it's his house, and me gettin with his roomie is something thats kind of an offspring from Jordan inviting me over in the first place, he feels lkike he has this sorta jurisdiction over my comings and goings... however bull that may be.

he doesn';t know i got with Randy yet, i think he suspects somethin though, and hes not happy.

damn all these french bastards icqing me

i cant think straight i have an idea the bourbon's coursing thru my system pretty happily and so am i for that matter, i wish i didnt hasve stuff like an uptight friend to worry about
what is this song i never put it on my playlist some buggers downloaded somethin onto my computer when im not here.

this ones better it's Here Comes Another One by Groove Terminator. Normally I'd make that into a link but tonite I cant be screwed going to the trouble.

ok babe, he was damn good you now what I mean?
Hey that other dude I did, he wasn't as good. Actually I've never done anyone, as such. I've gone as far as its possible to go without giving up the cherry and I've had about as much xperience as is possible under these circumstances, but I still ain't gone the full way.
Think I surprised dude tonight. I was sitting there snuggled into him we were talking and I sat up and he wasnt expectin it and I sat on him facing him and just started layin into his neck and ear, damn it was nice, I had him moaning and shiftin against me and I was kissing him and feeling him get more and more turned on and I wasn't too cool myself, and suddenly I heard Mr Uptight Roommate pull up outside and it was All Over as far as that wnet then.

You may ask why the hell am I even bothering about what Jordan thinks, well its because he can really ban me from his house if he wants and I dont want that at all, I like his house and I have to admit it I like to get some roomie action you know what I mean. Maynbe if he moves out I can move in and we can have a 27/7 orgy.

Ok I'll go see what he';s doing, maybe I can sneak into the roomie'sx room and we can take up where we left off.

I'm looking for a friend of mine, I lost contact with him years ago but I'd liek to get in with him again. We got opn really well.

I'm makin too may typos and I'm typin real fast tI think this is tha fastest I can type and I'm erroring all over the place. The bourbon was kindsa strong I think