Saturday, July 07, 2001

Thanks Ran, is all I have to say. you a sweetheart sometimes :)

Chris and I have run into another of our eternal brick walls. Not a lot to report there, really. It happens all the time. He's not used to long relationships, even only physical ones. He always got to feeling tied down and broke it off after a bit, with other chicks. With him and me, theres been no agreement to 'go togehter' so theres no way he can start to feel constrained... i dont think so anyway. I certainly make no effort to tie him down, thats for sure. Quite the opposite...
damn i get to feeling confused sometimes.
I'd go out with him if he wanted to, but as long as we're not oficially together, then I'm going to make the most of the single life... flirt city, first stop.

If he doesn't like the way I act around surrounding guys, then he can ask me out and I'll stop the flirting and channel my attention in his direction. But if he's not asking, I'm not giving.