Sunday, September 16, 2001

I'm angry.

I'm very angry.

For those joining the program a little late, this is a rundown of my life over the past 6 months.

I break up with longtime boyfriend
In a desperate attempt to get away from affection, I start impersonal, base, notsexbutclose, fuckbuddy style affair with manager at work
I stat to fall for another co worker at work
Co worker goes away for a couple months
I tell manager to fuck off after one too many time of him pissing me off
I am left without fuckbuddy, and without co worker to flirt with
I casually date a couple guys but dont get into anything
Co worker comes back and asks me out
I have one week of absolute bliss
Co worker starts 60 hour a week job, I work 40 anyway
We break up amicably, breaking my heart and tearing it into shreds but me not letting on that it was in fact NOT my decision to break up, and pretending that no I am NOT torn to bits over it
I spend the last few weeks slowly mending myself, rebutting anything that might turn into something deeper than friendship with a member of the male species
I look around and all I see is the one I fell for, and which I took the fall for.

This really sucks ass.

I'm angry

And I'm going to take the world by the throat and let it know exactly what it's done.